What is it?

Suppergiù is a blog that wants to offer its contribution to all those who wish to learn Italian. Many have to move for work or family reasons, others simply want to spend their holidays in our beautiful country, still others may never visit Italy, but they love its culture and what it has to offer. 

In this blog, you can find downloadable and printable materials, audio, video and exercise resources created specifically for all those who want to learn, deepen and review Italian in terms of grammar, communication or culture. 


Suppergiù has a double definition, a double meaning.

On the one hand, it is an adverb that indicates the more or less, the lack of precision. Being inexact, imprecise, approximate is often not a choice, but a necessary phase.

It often happens that we make mistakes while learning a language. We do not remember the right words, do not know how to conjugate a verb correctly so this can discourage or even paralyze us. 

Suppergiù instead wants to be the motto with which we courageously face the challenge of learning, aware of making mistakes, not being perfect and having to add a new piece to our linguistic or cultural knowledge every day.

Moreover, it also conveys the idea of ​​movement, of going up and down. The desire to travel and the curiosity that pushes to leave is second only to the desire to learn new languages ​​and deepen aspects of the cultures that generated them. So here is another reason why more or less (su per giù – equally correct graphic alternative) is the blog for you: if you also love to travel and discover new and unusual places, you are in the right place!

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